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  • Scrap to stock to super car
  • Live out an action-driving fantasy
  • High-stakes competition

User reviews

Go for it. Nice game
Great story line of "tyler" the hero of this game. I'm a big fan of need for speed game series....from my childhood...but after long time I ordered this version of need for speed payback...it's a perfect game, story is nice,drag race, drift race, etc....snapshots also taken by players,Amazon delivery is also nice and so packaging also... aur ek baat ps4 games per timely discount bhi amazon par milte hain lekin as compared to other sites discount amazon pr jyaada ni milta so please discount on the game more....😊
THE BEST RACING GAME TILL NOW!!!😍😍😍😍. This game is a big hit. I have been playing it for 5 days continuously and I am still not bored, as you all nfs games refresh our childhood memories and this cherished me. So nothing much else but I want to share some pro's and cons.The following are the pro's and cons:-Pro's :-- Campaign is awesome.- And the konseiegg regera is awesome.- All the cars are awesome but for audi to v10 plus Is awesome.- Online racing in nfs is better than forza or drive club.- 5 chapters are awesome.- Tyler - the racing , drag master Jess - the runner racer for each criminal in silver rock Mac - THE BADASS MAC ATTACK!!!!!- worth the 4000₹- hence the NISSAN GT-R IS AWESOME.Cons:-- only one con that music track could have been better. PLEASE BUY THIS BADASS RACING GAME LONG LIVE NFS.
Good game but small story. Graphics are awesome but story line is very small and number of rival race is less.. I finished the game in few days and after that there's nothing much to do other than win races and buy new cars..
Wonderful. An amazing storyline and super cars make it a lot of fun to play. Add some great graphics and slow motion captures, this is a game that everyone should have in their collection. We'll done EA. Thanks Amazon got delivering it at the given time. We'll packaged and perfect condition of the game made me trust Amazon even more.
50 percent is nice. Game is nice but some members won't like this model.
Good deal. Product packaging and CD quality is absolutely fineFor the game : good one, not much as it is there from 2015 and we are living in 2019 now. Upcoming NFS Heat will be more fun i guess.
Good game not the greatest NFS. It's a good game , but it gets boring after the story . Not a long game , you can complete story in 15-20 hrs.It's okay but the previou NFS 2015 is better and fun than this one......
I was sceptical about buying this game after last year's NFS but since I've been playing it, its started to bring back some of the old need for speed enjoyment. These are the following things I thought of the game:PROS:- The driving physics are hugely impressive from grip to drift, without the twitchiness from previous.- The graphics have majorly improved- Has by far the biggest and most open map in NFS.- The cars look and sound simply sublime.- Story is great- Multiplayer is enjoyable and challenging- Interconnection mode and switching between the 3 drivers is brilliantCONS:- There are no free roam cops because the cops in the missions are so fun but hard at the same time.- There's no online free roam- From previous NFS games, its always been impossible to win numerous races apart from always starting last, although you buy a car to match your competitors or tuning up a bit i found it incredibly frustrating.- I wish the characters could get in or out of their respective car and roam (tho that's never been the case in any need for speed game but its a thought)- The purchase is very frustrating i.e difficult to upgrade cars you want- Certain mode's like Drag is challenging and stressful- Split Screen would be niceOverall, while I think this NFS is good like Most Wanted, Run, it's not the best. Certain aspects of it could be better but it's a great start.
Whilst I don't normally write reviews, I feel NFS Payback deserves a bit more credit that it's getting from the negative reviews. Yes, people are entitled to their opinion but i don't think it's the worst game ever.I personally think it's a pretty good game and the more I play, the more I'm growing to love it.Pros:GraphicsDriving (better handling than NFS 2015, in my opinion)Story (a little cheesy and cliche but fun)Cars and customisationHuge worldPros:No online free roam!!Could get repetitive...It's kind of easy (is that a con? Lol)All in all I think it's great... although if EA don't sort out the online roaming with friends, I will be selling it!EDIT: Ive been reading reviews about grinding for cash. If you press "options" on your PS4 controller and scroll to "shipments", you regularly get these drops which include vanity items (horns, neons etc), tokens (to use to roll for speed cards) and cash (normally between 10,000 and 25,000). You can also trade in the vanity items for cash. Hope that helps some of you as by the time I find it... I had 5 new shipments and made about 60,000 in one go!EDIT 2:I revisited the game yesterday and if anyone else was unaware... multiplayer online free roam is BACK after the update!! New cars and objectives too. I have been binge playing for the past 24 hours and I’m back in love. If you waited to buy it... your wait is over!
Reviews for this game are middling (generally 3/5) but I really think people are missing the point and missing out on some great fun. It's a very well balanced arcade style open world racing game not a sim. And it is hysterical! The Drifting is sublime and the world, beautiful and rich. The introduction of other styles of racing makes for additional variety with 'off-road' working particularly well. Back in my 30's I used to love NFS Porsche (unleashed) 2000 and this reminds me a lot of that. The car control is really well balanced in a fun rather than totally realistic way. And the game is paced well delivering just the right amount of money you need to progress through the stable of cars without loosing interest. My 10 year old loves it. There is a great range of cars including some great classics for the Dads (The 1973 911 RSR is ludicrously fast!) and modern super-cars for the kids. It also now supports FF steering wheels and pedals - although we have tried both and the standard PS4 controls are fine. Oh! and my son just loves finding the wrecked and abandoned cars and doing them up. The only thing I would add is a split screen mode so my son and I could race head to head!
This is a middle of the road racing game without a doubt. It drives nice with a good selection of cars and reasonable graphics but it’s flaws far outweigh the positives. Where do I start......The upgrade card system is garbage! What is wrong with modifying your car with performance enhancing parts like every other racing game? Oh that’s right u can’t use loot boxes and gambling tactics with them. Introducing card parts on a slot machine style thing.The script and acting is like a cheap fast and furious movie. At times you will cringe (ok not nearly as much as all the fist bumping in the last game) and it’s just, well, very lame.My main pet hate was the catchup mechanics of the police and other racers. The game script would actually say “this is the fastest car nothing will keep up with it.” Well except for every single standard police cruiser and other racer. You’ll be doing 200mph and someone will fly past u like u are standing still, on a corner no less.I’ll be honest I waited till this game was £15 and I feel that’s the price it deserves. I would have been livid if I’d paid £50 but for low money it’s ok and I will strive to complete it.
Tiene aspecto de muy usado, está rayado. No lo he probado, ya os diré si funciona. No está en condiciones de regalar a nadie. Podía avisar que no es nuevo. Mala compra.

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