PW Chemistry Med Easy | Notes, Formulas, Tips & Tricks for NEET/JEE & Board Exams | Pankaj Sir Chemistry Handwritten Notes, 421

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Explore the realm of chemistry through 'Chemistry Handwritten Notes,' a comprehensive resource designed to help you conquer the Competitive Exams.

Who can benefit?

  • Students preparing for NEET, JEE, and Board Exams.
  • Anyone seeking an intense understanding of chemistry.
  • High school students aiming for top grades.
  • NEET, JEE & 12th Board Exams Educators.
  • Educators.

What sets this book apart?

  • Formulas: It simplifies complex concepts of Chemistry by breaking them down into easy-to-understand equations.
  • Mnemonics: The notes employ memory-enhancing mnemonics, making it simpler to retain important facts and thus reducing the burden of memorization.
  • Important Examples: Indicate the practical applications of the content through questions-solutions make the subject matter more relatable and facilitates a better understanding of the material.
  • Special Tips and Tricks: Throughout the notes, you'll discover exclusive tips and tricks. These gems of knowledge can help you save time and effort, providing shortcuts, problem-solving techniques, and valuable insights to enhance your exam performance and practical skills.

Book Description:

In 'Chemistry Handwritten Notes,' simplify complex concepts with easy-to-understand formulas. Boost memory with mnemonics, grasp real-world applications through important examples, and gain exclusive tips and tricks for efficient problem-solving. Elevate your understanding and exam performance effortlessly!

What will you learn?

  • Enhance understanding by presenting complex concepts and formulas in a visually organized manner, it will help aspirants to grasp and recall information more effectively.
  • Enhance your memory retention through the use of mnemonic techniques, which can simplify and improve the efficiency of learning and recalling facts, formulas, or concepts.
  • Learning through examples provides practical insights and a better understanding of theory. Candidates should focus on studying and analyzing important examples to grasp fundamental concepts effectively.
  • Accelerate your learning and be quick at revisions with Special Tips and Tricks. These one-of-a-kind strategies and shortcuts provide students with effective methods to conquer difficult problems or concepts and revise efficiently.

About the Author:

Mr. Pankaj Sijairya Sir, from Jhansi, is a renowned Chemistry Professor at PW with 14 years of experience who received his B.Tech in Electronic Engineering from HBTI Kanpur where also he got excited about teaching chemistry to students, his way of teaching chemistry and grasp on the subject made the subject more accessible to masses. Till now he has taught more than 1.5 million students and is still counting. The mentor of AIR 3, 6, 29 in JEE Advanced and 24, 28, 39, 42, 59, 67 in NEET and many more. He is recognized nationally for his teaching style and has great influence as a professor of chemistry. Pankaj Sijairya has also been invited for TEDxTALK for the difference he is making in the Education Field.

"Unlock the magic of chemistry through these handwritten notes, and let the elements of knowledge bond in your mind.”

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